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    in Air Quality Monitoring

    ProMore is a proprietary, technology-driven application, developed byWood’s Professional. Through real-time collected data, users can monitor, compare and analyze past and current air quality events recorded through their connected sensing devices (AQM’s, air cleaners, etc). Alerts can also be sent to your mobile phone when threshold limits are exceeded, or indicate when specific attention is needed

    Ultimate flexibility and control

    ProMore can receive information from a single AQM, or a larger system, containing multiple AQM and air filtration units, depending on the users’ needs.

    Improving health and productivity

    Businesses today require more insight and control of their operations to take lead in their market and stay on target. Interruptions caused by equipment maintenance, sick personnel, cleaning, and quality issues of their products. – All attributable to air quality.



    Demand + Innovation

    The correlation between air quality and productivity is undisputed, but how does one know how clean their air is, and what in the air may be compromising their processes?

    The parameters in ProMore, based on each sensor, provides access to more functionality and control within its user-friendly application. Unlike many consumer products that simply display a data curve, ProMore is a professional monitoring and response system with a growing AI.

    Meeting regulatory demands

    Wood’s Professional “Guardian AQM” (air quality monitor) utilizes world- class, Swiss precision sensors that collect indoor air quality and climate data, such as dust particle concentration, CO2 content, TVOC levels, temperature, and humidity.

    To assure accurate, reliable, and reproducible measurements, every unit and sensor is tested and calibrated at production before leaving our site. The Guardian AQM supports connection to ProMore via 4G / 5G, GSM networks.

    Network Security

    The architecture behind ProMore and its satellite sensors go beyond traditional IoT devices, where one may have no idea where their data is stored or how it is used.

    Privacy was a serious consideration when developing this powerful application as network security is a major concern to businesses. All communication between any Wood’s Professional’s units and ProMore is point-to-point, meaning all data collected by the sensor is stored on a secure, local server (database) in Sweden. No data is shared with any third parties or even internal staff without authority to have this information.

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    There are several variables that contribute to indoor air pollution, such as the presence of TVOCs, ambient particles, and a high concentration of carbon dioxide.

    Many health symptoms that workers experience are caused or multiplied by indoor air pollution. Physical symptoms such as headaches, asthma, irritated eyes, nose and upper respiratory. In some cases, indoor air pollution may cause serious long term effects and illness. Health issues as well as compromised products may be brought on as the result of temperature extremes, improper humidity levels, and too little air circulation.