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    Wood’s has all the products and solutions you need for a better indoor climate, both for homes, workplaces, and professional activities. We think that the air you breathe every day should be as clean as the water you drink and believe that everyone has the right to clean and healthy indoor air. At Wood’s, you get much more than a leading product range. Our extensive knowledge helps you towards a clean and healthy indoor climate. We manufacture most of our products in Sweden, with a strong focus on sustainability, circular processes, environmental properties, and superior quality.

    Maybe you need a portable air conditioner to cool down your home or get comfortable air in the office? Wood’s AC Cortina Silent 12K has won “Best in Test” in Aftonbladet’s big comparison test of portable air conditioners, two years in a row!

    Make demands on your indoor air

    The indoor air in our homes is often more polluted than the air we breathe outdoors. Breathing clean air is as important as eating healthy. Click on the areas below to learn more.

    Particles and exhaust fumes
    Pollen and allergens
    Bacteria and viruses
    Microbes and moisture
    Odours and gases
    Dust and dirt

    Prevent moisture problems with Wood's dehumidifiers

    Wood's started manufacturing dehumidifiers in Canada as early as 1950. More than 70 years and over 600,000 dehumidifiers sold later, we know most about moisture and mold problems.

    Is it hot at home or in the office?

    With a portable air conditioner, you lower the temperature quickly and efficiently. Unlike fans, air conditioning (AC) provides a real cooling effect in a room.

    Wood's - clean and healthy indoor air

    We believe that everyone has the right to breathe air as clean as nature intended it to be. Our passion for clean air is the foundation of Wood's and its ongoing development.

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    Watch a film about Wood’s production

    Watch this informative film about Wood’s and get an insight into how our products are created in our factory, in Mariestad, Sweden.

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    Innovative function, quality, reliability, high capacity, and the lowest possible energy consumption.