Wood’s complies with the Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, which aims to regulate how companies process personal data, which is the information that can be directly or indirectly attributed to a person. All forms of personal data handling are counted according to law as processing, regardless of whether you use automated systems or not. Examples of processing are collection, storage, processing, transfer and deletion.

Our goal is to make it easy and user-friendly while protecting your privacy.

When you visit our website to access information and offers on the website, no information is collected that can identify you as a person, nor can your IP address be identified. The visit generates statistics, but no data that can identify you as a person.

Below we inform about our processing of personal data that is collected.



Woods TES Sweden AB, 556691-5269, Maskingatan 2-4, 441 27 owns the website and is thus responsible for personal data.



Personal data may be processed if the law is supported, ie has a so-called legal basis. GDPR supports various purposes for the processing of personal data, our processing of personal data is based on:


  • Consent
  • Justified interest / balance
  • Compliance with contract / legal basis
  • Legal obligation



We collect and process information when there is an explicit, legitimate purpose and to:

Improve, offer and develop so that we can provide an optimal service and the best possible service to guests, bookers and partners to answer questions, handle comments, send out material and communicate


  • Send out relevant information
  • Execute commitments and agreements
  • Manage case history
  • Evaluate the service and provide feedback to employees, developers and customers
  • Fulfill the obligation according to law, government regulations, decisions or guidelines


Personal data is processed in the following contexts:


  • When you choose to contact us via email communication, website or telephone
  • When ordering our free material via form, phone or email
  • Upon acceptance to receive further information about the service, eg via e-mail
  • When we collect data for individual purposes, for example, to inform or send out material to specific target groups when we consider that the information is of interest to the recipient
  • In customer, supplier and collaborative relationships


When you as a visitor choose to share information in contact with us, information is collected to provide service and answer questions. We also process information that we collect through other channels in order to provide relevant information about the service. Customer data is processed as required to provide the best possible service, fulfill agreements and commitments, including financial transactions such as booking, invoicing and accounting.

Supplier information is processed to fulfill agreements and commitments, including financial transactions between the parties such as payment of invoices and accounting. Information required to enter into collaboration is processed to provide service and fulfill agreements.



We save data for purposes we have outlined above and for a purpose. Since the data we process have different purposes, they are also saved for different lengths of time or alternatively deleted after closed case:

Personal data generated upon contact with us via communication, questions, views may be saved in accordance with the law space called legitimate interest / balance and then stored until you choose to unsubscribe, request to delete the information or they will be deleted after completion of the case. in cases where we believe storage is not relevant.

Information relating to finances, invoicing and accounting is stored in accordance with the Accounting Act.

For contractual relationships with customers, suppliers and partners, the data is stored during the contract period and 12–36 months thereafter, depending on the nature and content of the contract. Information in connection with agreements relating to the Accounting Act is stored in accordance with this.

Case history in connection with issues that are not dealt with by woods and which are transferred to a third party will be concluded within a reasonable time when the case has been transferred and taken care of.

Information we save due to the obligation to do so by law, government regulation, decision or authority request is stored as long as the relevant requirement specifies.



In order to be able to provide the service and its functions, wood’s employs suppliers with whom we share data to optimize and develop the service and to provide customized, relevant information and to send information. Responsibility between us and the suppliers with whom we share information is regulated through personal data entry agreements.



The site uses cookies, a technology used to improve the visitor and give access to all the features of the service. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer. When you use the service, you agree that we use this technology, for example to facilitate navigation, provide access to different functions or for information about different choices. No information is stored that can identify you as a person, it is used to recognize what is being done on the website. Thus, our cookies do not store names, gender, or other personal information, as the information they provide is unidentified.

To get an idea of ​​how visitors use the site, Google Analytics uses JavaScript and cookies. The information provided by Google Analytics is anonymized and does not generate information that can identify you as a person, nor information about IP address.

You can choose to delete and block the use of cookies yourself by changing the settings in the browser on your computer. However, keep in mind that the web service will not work optimally when blocking or deleting cookies.



According to the Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to request and receive information once a year about what personal data we process about you. You can also request that your personal data be deleted (can be provided unless deletion does not violate legal obligation), ask us to correct any inaccuracies and limit the use of the data. You also have the right to submit a complaint to the Data Inspectorate if you believe that the personal data processing does not comply with legal requirements according to GDPR.



We thank you for your confidence and hope you feel safe with our Privacy Policy. If anything is unclear please feel free to contact us, you can easily do this by email to

You can read more about GDPR here: