Wood’s Dehumidifiers Helping Homes Recover from Floods

    Flood damage can be caused by several different factors, from a simple clogged drain to broken, burst, or worn-out pipes, hoses, and appliances. Other common reasons are water from firefighting, heavy rainfall, and natural disasters.

    Extreme Weather

    In July 2021, extreme weather had caused several European countries such as Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Croatia, and the United Kingdom to be affected by flash floods. The results in some areas have been devastating, especially in Germany and Belgium. In terms of damage to infrastructure and property damage, if left untreated long enough, water damage can cause a series of permanent and cascading problems. Actions and solutions are time-sensitive in these cases.

    Reliable solutions and expertise

    Homes and various building constructions that have been affected by flooding require solutions that quickly dry saturated areas susceptible to damage, mold, and potential rot.

    Wood’s has been a trusted source in the field of dehumidification and indoor climate control for over seventy years. The knowledge and expertise have led to the development and manufacturing of world-renown dehumidifiers, such as the WCD series for restoration work.

    Efficient dehumidification can help you return to a safe home by also dealing with hidden threats from flood damage, including moisture seeping through concrete, foundations, and crawl spaces, which can cause structural issues, and mold infestation.

    WCD models

    Depending on the size of area and severity of the water damage, our industrial-strength, WCD series of dehumidifiers offer exceptional drying techniques, energy efficiency, and water damage recovery.

    Compare our other professional dehumidifiers, offering different features optimized for varying spaces, capacities, and needs:  The Wood’s WCD2 Pro, WCD3 Pro, WCD4 Pro, WCD4HG Pro, and the WCD8HG Pro.

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    Wood's WCD8HGH

    Wood’s WCD8HGH dehumidifier

    The WCD8HGH Pro is one of the most powerful dehumidifiers on the market; developed and manufactured in Sweden for recovery in extreme environments and industrial use. Its “i-EcoDefrost” system allows a broad working temperature, from +2° C, up to +35° C. Take a look at these important features:

    • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R290
    • i-EcoDefrost – intelligent defrost system
    • Rotary compressor
    • 3-row condenser
    • Stackable
    • Efficient washable dust filter
    • Hour counter
    • Designed for use in extreme environments
    • Hot gas defrost
    • Operating temperature range: + 2°C to + 35°C (35° to 40°C with intermittent function)
    • Easy to maintain and service
    • Energy-efficient E/C fan motor
    • Reliable and superior longevity
    • One of the most energy-efficient dehumidifiers
    • Carry handle and large wheels for easy transportation

    A solution to lingering odors from flood damage

    Once the area is completely dried and mold is removed, the next step in flood recovery for you may be ozone treatment. By oxidizing organic matter, ozone treatment helps naturally remove musty and moldy odors, including microbial remnants that may remain from the initial water damage.

    Ozone generators are categorized on their strength and output of ozone, from consumer strength to professional-grade, based on the area size and how extreme the environment is.

    Odor elimination for flood recovery

    Naturally disinfect and remove lingering, "musty" odors from areas previously affected by water damage.

    The Airmaster WOZ500

    Homes with high humidity levels

    If your home has not been exposed to water damage, but you are looking to mitigate high levels of humidity, these models of dehumidifiers are specialized for specific areas of the home, from laundry/dry rooms to basements, crawl spaces, and more.

    LD Series: dries basements/dries laundry

    For homes and apartments simply exposed to higher humidity levels, Wood’s new LD series of powerful dehumidifiers are for property owners looking for a dehumidifier strong enough to quickly dry a whole basement, while also efficiently drying laundry.

    Where to find Wood’s dehumidifiers

    Wood’s dehumidifiers and other air mitigation products, including ozone generators, can be found across Europe at many of your favorite hardware and electronic appliance stores. To see a list of local dealers, visit or contact Wood’s here to be directed to dealers in your area.