Ozone generators for mould

    Wood’s Airmaster ozone generators eliminate the smell of mould quickly and effectively. Ozone breaks down and kills off mould spores, so it cannot spread, eliminating the risk of breathing in harmful spores.

    How to use the Wood’s Airmaster ozone unit for eliminating mould

    1. Preparation:
    Firstly, all the existing mould must be removed. For this purpose, use a conventional mould-killing agent. Any damaged building materials should be replaced.

    2. Ozone treatment:
    Place the ozone generator in the middle of a room smelling of mould (preferably in a slightly elevated position, e.g. on a table). Switch on the ozone generator and set the timer to the required time (models with a timer).

    3. Duration of treatment:
    4-72 hours, depending on the intensity of the odour. The average treatment period is 24 hours.

    4. After the ozone treatment:
    Switch off the ozone generator and open the windows. Let the remaining ozone escape (smells similar to chlorine). Check the room. If unwanted odours persist, repeat the procedure. All affected rooms must be treated separately.


    During an ozone treatment you should not enter the area being treated, as ozone is harmful for the airways.
    Brief ozone exposure (e.g. in refuse rooms etc.) is not harmful.

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