Dehumidification Helping Businesses Save Significant Money

    Discover how dehumidification saves production facilities and warehouses exponential time and money

    Every year, businesses lose money by damage to their valuable inventory from excess humidity; both, before reaching the end customer and through returns.

    Due to various environmental factors, high humidity, excess moisture in the air, and extreme indoor environments are known to compromise the integrity of products and their packaging. Poor air quality and indoor climate are also responsible for introducing contaminants in or on products, eventually affecting manufacturers and distributors’ operations and bottom line.

    How excessive humidity affects product quality

    • Absorbed water or salt can affect the appearance and effectiveness of a product
    • Changes in the chemical composition of a product
    • Weakens, softens, or warps packaging, including the shape of the packaging
    • Introduces contaminants: Mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria, and mites have an opportunity to grow and spread on, or in products and packaging.
    • Causes surface corrosion, or rust to internal parts of products
    • Shortens shelf life on certain types of products
    Packing parcel

    Warehouse worker packing parcel

    Appearance of products

    “The appearance of a product influences consumer product choice in several ways. A product’s appearance can have aesthetic and symbolic value for consumers, can communicate functional characteristics and give a quality impression (functional value), and can communicate ease of use (ergonomic value).”

    Goods and their packaging that have absorbed too much moisture can affect its overall appearance to changes in the texture and how it is supposed to feel.

    How humidity affects business operations

    Processed foods, supplements, and pharmaceutical products that have absorbed too much moisture can clog machinery, causing downtime and negatively affecting production. With regards to supplements and medication, temperature and humidity levels can also contribute to the product’s effectiveness.

    Optimal indoor climate and humidity levels also make working conditions healthier and more comfortable for employees and visitors.

    Enabling a climate control system ensures indoor air quality conditions towards safety and quality standards are met and maintained, benefiting both manufacturers and distributors.

    Innovative Solutions

    Wood’s Professional develops and provides analysis tools and innovative solutions towards the management of air quality and climate control systems within production facilities, warehouses, and logistics centers.

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    Our WCD series of industrial-strength dehumidifiers were developed to remedy the specific types of challenges industrial facilities face on a day-to-day basis.

    The WCD8HGH Pro is one of the most powerful dehumidifiers on the market; developed and manufactured in Sweden for warehouses, production facilities, and industrial use. Its “i-EcoDefrost” system allows a broad working temperature, from +2° C, up to +35° C. Take a look at these important features:

    • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R290
    • i-EcoDefrost – intelligent defrost system
    • Hot gas defrost
    • Operating temperature range: + 2°C to + 35°C (35° to 40°C with intermittent function)
    • Stackable
    • Efficient washable dust filter
    • Hour counter
    • Carry handle and large wheels for easy transportation
    • Rotary compressor
    • 3-row condenser
    • Easy to maintain and service
    • Energy-efficient E/C fan motor
    • Reliable and superior longevity
    • One of the most energy-efficient dehumidifiers
    • Designed for use in extreme environments
    Compare our other professional dehumidifiers, offering different features optimized for varying spaces, capacities, and needs:

    Wood’s WCD2 Pro, WCD3 Pro, WCD4 Pro, WCD4HG Pro, and the WCD8HG Pro.

    Wood's WCD Series of Industrial Dehumidifiers

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    Wood’s can help you identify and measure any causes of inferior air quality and develop a customized solution that helps keep your operations streamlined and uninterrupted.

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