Wood’s 400-K Air Duct Purifier

    Working on or near construction sites, busy roadways, or railways can bring in a lot of air pollution indoors, especially in buildings with passive ventilation. These air particles can consist of pollen, dust, debris, and other contaminants causing various short and long-term issues.


    Introducing Wood’s 400-K

    Wood’s Professional has developed the 400-K (formerly called ELFI 400-K) Electrostatic Air Purifier, the ideal solution to keep the air you breathe clean and healthy.

    This passive air purifier is specifically designed for commercial and industrial spaces where air quality is crucial. Its advanced technology, two-stage filtration system, and ionization process effectively remove harmful particles such as dust, allergens, bacteria, and viruses from the air while retaining energy efficiency.

    Wood’s 400-K is built with premium materials and components, ensuring its durability and longevity. Its energy-efficient design requires minimal maintenance, making it a low-cost and hassle-free air filtration solution.

    How the Wood’s 400-K works

    Outdoor air coming in from the ventilation is ionized before passing through the filter, capturing any ozone produced in the ionization process. The two-stage filtration system effectively removes unwanted particles such as dust, allergens, bacteria, and viruses from the air, delivering a clean and healthy environment.

    Whether in an on-site construction office trailer, break room, office, or a smaller or modular production area, the 400-K can be easily installed and custom-configured to fit your specific needs. Our product is designed and manufactured in Sweden, guaranteeing high-quality, reliable solutions to our customers.

    Specifications for the Wood’s 400-K Electrostatic Air Purifier:

    Dimensions: 500 x 240 x 270 mm
    Weight: 11 kg
    Power consumption: 7W
    Voltage: 220-230 V, 50/60 Hz
    Capacity/Airflow: 400 m³/h
    Connection: 160 mm
    Pre-filter class: EU 3
    Carbon filter class: 20 PPI 700 g/m


    Can be cleaned or changed if necessary.

    Carbon filter

    Changed approximately once a year or if necessary.


    This filter never needs to be changed, only cleaned in a dishwasher’s normal washing program with drying or in a sink with dissolved dishwasher detergent in warm water.

    *We recommend washing the filter every two months or as needed.

    How to get the Wood’s 400-K

    Choose the 400-K from Wood’s Professional for a reliable and effective air filtration solution that meets your air quality needs. Contact us today to learn more and place your order.

    Example of on-site office trailer and breakroom with Wood’s 400K. (See actual dimensions listed above for an accurate portrayal of the unit).

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