I May Need a Dehumidifier: Where Should I Have It?

    The answer to that question will help you choose the right dehumidifier.

    Before purchasing a dehumidifier, the first question you should ask yourself is, “Where should I have it?”. Choosing a dehumidifier adapted to a specific space will pay off in the long run. Wood’s Swedish-made metal machines are very efficient and consume little energy. They have a long shelf life and are developed to function for decades in spaces such as basements, laundry rooms and crawl spaces. Several models solve moisture problems within the same space, but their size and amount of moisture determine which model is best. A more powerful model is recommended if moisture is added, such as showering. Regardless of which Swedish-made dehumidifier you choose, it will solve the problem, but the higher the dehumidifier capacity, the less time and energy is required to solve the moisture problems.

    Smaller dehumidifiers not manufactured in Sweden fit perfectly in spaces such as bathrooms or rooms where they can be easily moved when needed. Some models are adapted to dry laundry effectively where the moisture level is usually low.

    Remember to take the expected life of the machine into account. Often the warranty period gives you that indication. Many of Wood’s Swedish-made devices have a warranty period of up to 10 years.

    Choose me for the basement

    In the basement, moisture can occur when the warm air from the upper floor comes into contact with the cooler basement. With a dehumidifier, you quickly eliminate the trapped basement smell that easily arises and avoid problems with mould, vermin and moisture damage. Read more about dehumidifiers for basements here.

    Discover the SW Series – the dehumidifier you should choose for the basement 

    Choose me to dry laundry

    Dehumidifiers are not only used to avoid mould, vermin and moisture damage. Many people buy a dehumidifier to dry laundry. The method is both efficient and energy-efficient. With a dehumidifier that blows dry air directly onto the laundry, it dries in no time! Read more about dehumidifiers for laundry drying here.

    Discover the LD Series – Swedish-made dehumidifiers with a long lifespan should you choose to dry laundry in a basement.

    Discover the MDK series – Suitable for those who dry laundry in dry areas.

    Choose me for the bathroom:

    Older bathrooms, modern showering and bathing habits can be a breeding ground for mould and mildew in a bathroom. Here, we suggest a small dehumidifier that can keep the humidity under control when needed. Towels that never dry will also be a thing of the past! Read more about dehumidifiers for bathroom here.

    Discover the MRD series – the perfect choice for any bathroom

    Choose me for a crawl space

    The crawl space insulates the house from the cold of the ground, but the combination of moist air and organic material creates a risk of mould that grows when the temperature is above 6°C too. If you’re installing a dehumidifier in your crawl space, there’s an advantage if it has a separate control panel that you can keep inside the house to monitor humidity and ensure it’s doing its job. Wood’s condensation dehumidifier for crawl spaces switches off when it gets below 2°C and restarts automatically when it gets warmer again. Read more about dehumidifiers for crawl space here.

    Discover Wood's Dehumidifier the DSC95P- Swedish-made dehumidifier for crawl spaces

    Wood's Dehumidifier DSC95P– an energy-efficient Swedish-made dehumidifier developed for crawl spaces that does not require an installer during installation.

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