Stylish, powerful, and energy saving

Wood’s GRAN 900 is one of the most powerful air purifiers available, offering very moderate energy consumption and noise levels. Built to handle large and demanding areas, the GRAN 900 has double active ION HEPA filters for the fastest and most efficient cleaning capacity.

Wood’s technology

Wood’s air purifiers have a patented filtration technique to offer exceptional filtration with less noise and power consumption. By using ionization both in the air purifier and in the filters, these purifiers are able to reach HEPA-level filtration levels at a fraction of the energy consumption and noise levels that come with such a dense filter.

With the lowest possible energy consumption and noise levels, Wood’s air purifiers provide reliable and safe protection against pollutants down to size 0,0003 mm.

  • The air is circulated in the room and drawn through the air purifier with a quiet and energy-saving fan.
  • The air particles are ionized as they enter the air purifier. This increases their size, and they are also attracted to oppositely charged surfaces.
  • The Active ION HEPA filters are ionized in production. The filters attract and catch the already ionized air particles.

Active ION HEPA filters

Thanks to the patented technique, the Active ION HEPA filters can be much less dense than traditional HEPA filters, and still, reach the same (or higher) filtration levels.

One Active ION HEPA filter is made up of multiple layers of pleated filter media. The gives a very large total filter area and exceptional filtration capacity.

Main benefits of a less dense filter:

  • Able to use quiet and energy-saving fans.
  • No risk of air passing unfiltered (no leakage of particles).

10-year warranty program

Thanks to the high capacity and quality of the air purifiers and the Active ION HEPA filters, Wood’s is now able to extend the product warranty of all our air purifiers, dramatically!

Register your air purifier and replace the Active ION HEPA filters when they are expired and receive the full 10-year warranty.

After registering at Wood’s website, we will send you a friendly reminder when a filter change is due. Of course, you can choose to exit the filter program at any time.

Remove smoke, gas, and odor with Wood’s carbon filters

Wood’s Chem Control Carbon Filters are made in Germany of excellent quality carbon. The Chem Control Carbon filters are used to remove smoke, gas, and odor from the household air. Containing high densities of active carbon, Wood’s Chem Control Carbon Filters provide a long-lasting, reliable, and highly efficient filtration capacity.

Wood’s Chem Control Carbon Filter is available with different amounts of carbon (a higher amount of carbon means a longer-lasting filter) for the AL 300 and GRAN 900 air purifiers.