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    Welcome to Wood’s Professional

    A New Division of Wood’s Group

    Who we are

    For over seventy years, Wood’s has been at the forefront of air mitigation products through its “best-in-class” dehumidifiers, air conditioners, air purifiers, and other air quality appliances for the home and office.

    Our professional division extends the brand by developing, manufacturing, and distributing a comprehensive range of solutions and services to businesses and industries in need of optimal indoor air quality control.

    To meet the growing demands of professional and industrial facilities, Wood’s Professional provides solutions through our expert knowledge and guidance, combined with our innovative technology.

    Why Choose Us?

    Choosing a company to take care of all your air quality needs comes down to a few, crucial aspects; Expertise, Standard of Excellence, and Commitment.

    Quality control

    By designing and manufacturing our products and filters, we keep a close eye on what we produce. Except for a very few components, our products overall are produced in- house, and if not, locally, where we have a long relationship with a neighboring producer. Nothing from our professional line is made or shipped from overseas, where businesses have limited to no control over quality.

    Keeping our production internally in Sweden may initially seem like an expensive decision on our part but if one factors in the environmental impact and cost of long haul shipping, plus the amount of time and money lost to returns or service broken equipment, along with the risk of losing customers just from having taken cheaper short-cuts, it is not a compromise in our opinion.

    The money saved from avoiding these types of costly interruptions is passed on to you.

    Green initiatives
    ”Wood’s Professional embraces sustainable operating procedures, product and material sourcing, labor practices, and shipping methods.”

    – Patrik Tedjö, CEO

    Some of the steps we take in helping our environment, our people, and our community:

    Supply chain:

    Our local supply chain is a central component in lowering our carbon footprint. Except for a few discreet components sourced in the EU, our professional products are produced by us in Sweden and in accordance with Swedish and EU mandates.


    All source materials and gases used in our products follow strict EU safety regulations.

    Greener logistics:

    Because our professional products are produced locally in Sweden, our carbon footprint for shipping and logistics to ”local” businesses is significantly diminished.

    Socially responsible business decisions:

    Having products designed to be easily maintained by its end customer means fewer service vans on the road, helping to eliminate any negative impact on the environment while saving the end customer money.

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