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    Waste and recycling

    Clean air in the most demanding environments – initiatives for the indoor environment provide benefits for environmental operations.

    Recycling facilities are among the few businesses with activities that place the highest demands on air purification to work. Any shortcomings can be catastrophic for people, the environment, and their business operations..

    Wood’s has the experience, knowledge, and solutions required to make waste and recycling healthy, reliable, and efficient through air quality control. Our products and solutions take care of filtering dust, gases, and odors at the molecular level, and provide a healthier indoor environment that works – every day.

    Our team of experts help your business to develop the best solution for your facility and tailor products that enable daily operations to live up to and exceed current regulations and requirements. With a product range that includes industrial air quality monitors, ozone generators, air filtration systems, dehumidification/humidification, cooling/heating, and managed service, Wood’s offers substantially better opportunities for even the most demanding plants.

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