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    Warehouses, along with fulfillment and distribution centers are constantly evolving to keep up with customer demand. To do this efficiently, they rely on clean, indoor air quality, ensuring a healthier working environment, cleaner products, and less downtime on equipment, to avoid interruptions in their processes.

    Factors such as trucks, forklifts, and heavy foot traffic, combined with the routine activities performed daily all contribute to high ambient particle counts within these indoor environments.

    Along with exterior air pollution coming into the facility, the debris created in these areas often contains ambient particles derived from dust, dirt, soot, rubber from truck tires, cardboard boxes, crates, and pallets. When these particles become inhaled, they can cause a series of ailments, both immediate and long-term; adding to higher absentee rates in workers.

    These same contaminants can clog expensive machinery, causing downtime for more frequent servicing.

    Smart solutions

    Why floor-mounted instead of ceiling? While ceiling fastened cleaners free up floor space, the truth is, most particles are generated close to the ground. Our floor models allow the cleaner to be as close to the source of the particles and create a direct airflow. This is important to reduce the chance of particles spreading throughout the premises. It is also more efficient since ceiling models need to capture even more air. Our air cleaners are designed to work smarter, not harder.

    The combination of accurate monitoring, the strategic placement of air cleaners, filter capacity, CADR, and maintenance all play an equal and integral part in treating indoor air quality.
    Our team of experts will help guide you through every step of your air cleaning process; from assessing any possible issues to providing expertise and developing a customized solution for your specific needs and space.

    These patented techniques include the measuring, surveillance, and capturing of air contaminants while following up with constant monitoring, and reporting through auto-reminders and alerts to take specific actions if/when needed.

    Increased benefits

    Being independent of existing HVAC systems, our exclusive filtration
    systems offer many benefits.

    Healthier working conditions

    Clean air quality increases health, well-being, and productivity. It also decreases worker absentees, and symptoms arising from allergies and air contaminants.

    Cleaner packages

    Dust and particles on boxes and parcels are significantly diminished, so less cleaning is needed. It also helps keep the integrity of packaging, while avoiding contamination of products.

    Streamline processes

    Fewer interruptions from frequent servicing of clogged machinery, complaints, sick personnel, lower productivity, and compromised packaging.

    More control of your environment:

    The ability to monitor air quality conditions offers a complete outlook to successfully manage your indoor environment.

    Industrial Air
    Filtration Systems


    The WPL-2300 is our flagship model of industrial air cleaners, featuring our patented filter technique. It is specially designed to offer easy filter replacements by the end-user to save the customer time and money, including, adding a layer of security.

    Having the ability to easily maintain your equipment has become a desired request at many businesses during the pandemic to reduce the chances of introducing potential viruses, like Covid in the workplace. Another benefit is to eliminate the risk of theft of products, equipment, or sensitive information by unknown personnel entering your premises. With our air cleaners, there’s no need for anyone else other than your staff to enter your building.

    Additional safety factor

    The WPL-2300 is significantly quieter than most industrial air cleaners on the market to function without disturbing anyone. This aspect was implemented into its design to avoid ear fatigue and potential work hazards due to not hearing your surroundings.

    Functionality guarantee

    For as long as your rental agreement, the unit’s functionality is guaranteed to be as efficient as from the first day you turn it on.

    Key Features of the WPL-2300

    Multi-stage filtration

    By utilizing our system’s “smart air flow” at your facility, a more homogeneous temperature is achieved which implies heating in buildings with high ceilings can be lowered and money saved.

    Strong and silent type

    Unprecedented combination of CADR (clean air delivery rate/high airflow) and low noise level (quiet operation)

    Ideal for large spaces

    Developed specifically for warehouses, fulfillment centers, and logistics facilities.

    Ease of maintenance

    The unit sends us a message when it is time for a filter change, which we promptly send to the customer.

    Smart design

    The inlet vent is situated above truck and pallet guard rails (safety barriers), so the airflow is not obstructed.

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