Ozone treatment
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    Ozone treatment is a proven method to help permanently eliminate lingering odors (smoke, mold, garbage, etc.) and sanitize hard-to-reach areas. When used responsibly, ozone is a safer and more successful alternative than using cleaning agents and chemicals in attempting to achieve the same results.

    The many areas helped by ozone treatment

    Due to the compact size and varying strengths of our series of professional ozone generators, this type of solution is commonly used in many professional applications.

    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Car valeting
    • Water/fire recovery
    • Waste management/garbage rooms
    • Cruise ships
    • Public areas
    • Professional installations


    At Wood’s Professional, our team helps customers choose the right ozone generators for their specific needs, as well as providing valuable information on how to safely operate the equipment within their premises.

    Ozone monitoring

    Our professional line of ozone generators all have the option for connection to our ozone monitor. This separate accessory provides remote surveillance and control of your environment’s ozone levels, making it a valuable tool in many professional applications; especially in areas inhabited by people and animals.

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