Wood’s Professional

    Wood’s Professional is a global brand from Sweden, offering a comprehensive range of solutions and services to businesses and industries in need of optimal indoor climate and air quality control.

    From Business Workspaces to Industrial Facilities

    For over sixty years, Wood’s Professional’s expertise has provided businesses with the equipment, technology, and strategies for the analysis and purification of their air within indoor environments.

    Through our continued development and innovative techniques, business workspaces, industrial facilities, and treatment plants can receive the benefits of enhancing their air quality, along with their indoor climate.

    The Most Valuable Tool for Businesses Wanting to Control Their Indoor Air Quality.

    Save a significant amount of time and money by finding the exact source of your air quality issues.

    Many businesses succumb to wasting money on what they think is a solution to their air quality needs, but in reality, ends up being a placebo effect, costing a lot and not making a significant difference. Even air filtration systems with the highest capturing rate can give poor results if you do not know what is specifically causing the issues, where it is originating from, and where the air purifiers need to be situated to be the most efficient, giving optimal results.

    Our Air Quality Monitoring Technology – 30 years in the making

    For the past 30 years, our engineers have been gathering their knowledge and experience to develop what we feel is a “game-changer” in successfully managing air quality within extreme environments.

    Introducing ProMoRe: Real Time Data

    ProMoRe (Professional Monitoring & Response System) easily visualizes your air quality and helps you identify conditions and possible risks.

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    Range of Solutions and Services

    Discover our wide range of premium products and services for air purification, humidification/dehumidification, air cooling, ozone purification, and ProMoRe® Air Quality Monitor-connected measuring stations.

    Improve Productivity, While Protecting Your Assets

    Clogged machinery, sick personnel, lower production, compromised packaging, and the lifespan of products; – All directly correlated to poor indoor air quality.

    By maintaining clean air quality, you can significantly reduce unnecessary interruptions in your processes, while protecting your biggest investments; – Your people, products, technology, and operations.

    Ozone Treatment

    Neutralize odours, chemicals, and gases in the air while disinfecting areas from pathogens and mould.

    Ozone naturally counteracts corrosive gases produced during water/sewage/waste treatment and recycling processes which are known to destroy cabling and equipment, as well as pose serious health risks to workers.

    Made in Sweden

    Developing and manufacturing all our industrial air purifiers, pro-dehumidifiers, and ozone units in Sweden means quality and environmental considerations are a priority.

    Having a Wood’s Professional solution, you are covered by our powerful performance guarantee, ensuring our products deliver consistent, uninterrupted performance you can rely on.

    Delivery, Installation, Continuous Monitoring, and Service

    – Your partner for air treatment and indoor climate control

    Wood’s Professional specializes in customized solutions for businesses by assessing your air quality needs and offering a clear plan that works for you.

    Our air quality specialists offer advice and

    solutions relating to your specific indoor environment

    Particles, exhaust fumes, pollen
    Bacteria and viruses
    Microbes and moisture
    Odours, scents, and gases

    Warehouse, logistics, and transport

    Safer working conditions, cleaner products, controlled climate, and energy efficiency are some of the ways we help storage and logistics operations.

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    Waste & recycling

    Clean air in the most demanding and extreme environments –  Discover how Wood’s Professional provides significant benefits to environmental operations.

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