I want to use my Wood’s dehumidifier in a storage room that is cold in the winter. Do I need a heating fan?

– The temperature must not fall below + 5° C because the defrost does not work below this temperature. Therefore, it can be smart to use a heating fan with so-called frost protection that always ensures that the temperature does not fall below + 5° C. Our MRD14, MRD20, MDK11, MDK21 / 26 models and the SW series have a function that switches off the machine when the temperature drops below + 5° C. The machine starts up again when the temperature rises above + 5° C.

Is it possible to connect a hose to the Wood’s dehumidifiers for continuous dehumidification without emptying the container, if so, does it work for all models?

– It is possible to connect a hose to drain the condensed water to all models. It comes with an adapter that is screwed onto the water trough on the SW series machines and DSC50FM. This is especially suitable because you then do not have to empty the tank and the machine can instead maintain the right moisture level at all times. Most models use a standard ½-inch garden hose; on the smaller models a 10mm hose is used.

Can a Wood’s dehumidifier manage to dehumidify the entire basement level while drying laundry?

Did you know that a dehumidifier is like a small heat pump? Let us explain: Wood’s dehumidifiers consume between 0.240-0.803 kW in maximum mode – when it is very hot and very humid (30 degrees Celsius heat and 90% relative humidity). The lower the temperature and humidity, the calmer the machine runs. This is significantly smaller than drying cabinets and dryers, which usually consume 2 kW. Every water molecule in the air carries energy, and when water is removed from the air, heat is released, more specifically 0.63 kWh / litre of water. This means that all the energy that the machine consumes comes back as heat (at the same time as heat energy is released when the water is condensed), which the elements do not have to contribute. Very clever! In addition, it is easier to heat dry air than humid, so you save heating costs that way too. Even when using the dehumidifier in a crawl space, you can feel that the floors on the ground floor get a little warmer. The stronger the dehumidifier, the more energy efficient it becomes (gets more litres of water per kWh used).

To summarize, the answer is YES! A dehumidifier from Wood’s can dehumidify the entire basement while drying the laundry.

When should I use my humidifier?

Especially in winter, when the air in our homes and our workspaces can be extra dry. A humidifier simply makes the air more humid. A person who feels dry mucous membranes has asthma, allergies, or a respiratory infection can use a humidifier. Many also experience that their mucous membranes are not as dry when they add moisture to the indoor air during the winter. If the humidity is below 40-50% RH for a long period.

When should I use my humidifier?

When the relative humidity is below 50% RH, it is recommended to use a humidifier. Normally the relative humidity is 15-30% during late autumn and winter, so it is mainly during autumn and winter that a humidifier should be used.