The Wood´s Airmaster WOZ 3000 ozone generator eliminates odours caused by fire, humidity, mould, smoke and waste water.

It has digital controls for straightforward and precise control of the functions on the ozone unit:

  • Ozone production 1-100%
  • Interval timer
  • Day timer

The Wood´s Airmaster WOZ 3000 odour elimination unit is primarily intended for professional use. The product is suitable for eliminating odours during refurbishing, after fire and water damage, as well as for air purification and odour elimination in residential and industrial spaces.

  • Easy-to-handle and portable unit
  • Digital controls
  • Highly efficient conversion into ozone
  • Adjustable ozone production 0-3000 mg/hour
  • Timer
  • Wall mounting (keyhole solution)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Manufactured in Sweden

The ceramic plate that produces the ozone is subject to wear. We recommend exchanging it at least once a year.

The prefilter that protects the ozone unit is to be exchanged when required (every 6-12 months).