The Swedish-made odor decontamination unit - effectively removes unpleasant odors everywhere!

Wood’s Airmaster WOZ400 is built in Sweden in stainless steel, to withstand tough operating conditions year after year. Wood’s Airmaster 400 is portable and ideal in professional applications for odor remediation after fire and water damage. This ozone generator is easily mounted on a wall for fixed installation for permanent odor removal in recycling rooms, pump stations, ventilation systems, and water purification.

How it works

Wood’s Airmaster generates ozone, which is also called active oxygen. The ozone attacks and neutralizes the irritating molecules in the air that cause lingering odors to disappear for good.

Wood’s Airmaster WOZ 400 is a small, portable odor decontamination unit that quickly and efficiently eliminates various odors from e.g. nicotine, smoke, moisture, mold, and pets. The unit is suitable for efficient odor removal in homes, kitchens, hotel rooms, hygiene areas, boats, and cars.

Wood’s Airmaster WOZ 400 is powered by 12 Volts, allowing it to be used in places where 230 Volts are not available. Can be easily connected via the cigarette lighter socket in a car or truck via the optional accessory, cigarette lighter cable.

Wood's Airmaster WOZ 400 works with ozone tubes, a robust and reliable technology, suitable in harsh environments. The ozone pipe technology also enables hose connection. The hose connection is used to connect to ventilation, grease separator, water purification, and ozone-treat difficult-to-access spaces, such as in a partition, under a floor, or the air conditioning system in a car.