The Wood’s Airmaster WOZ 4000 ozone generator rapidly eliminates odours caused by fire, mould, smoke and waste water, as well as kitchen odours.

Digital controls for straightforward and precise control of functions

  • Ozone production 1-100%
  • Interval timer
  • Day timer

The Wood’s Airmaster WOZ 4000 ozone generator is portable and is intended for professional odour elimination e.g. after fires or water damage.

The Wood’s Airmaster WOZ 4000 ozone generator works with an ozone tube, a robust and reliable technology, and is, therefore, suitable for use in harsh environments. The ozone tube technology also allows a hose connection. The hose connection is used for air purification and grease reduction in flat pipework systems and ventilation pipework systems, as well as for water treatment in pools and water tanks.

Find out more about the ceramic tube technology in our ozone school.

Easy mounting on the wall for fixed installation, for long-term odour elimination in refuse rooms, pump stations, ventilation systems, and the treatment of water.

Hose fitting and silicon hose (additional accessory)
These are used for connecting to fans, flat pipework systems, and for treating water, as well as for distributing the ozone to other areas, for example in the ozone treatment of wall cavities, wastewater systems, or refuse rooms.

  • Easy-to-handle and portable unit
  • Digital controls
  • Highly efficient conversion to ozone
  • Adjustable ozone production 0-4000 mg/hour
  • Intelligent timer functions
  • Easy hose connection with fitting
  • Wall mounting (keyhole solution)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Manufactured in Sweden

The ozone tube that produces the ozone is subject to wear. We recommend exchanging it at least once a year.

The prefilter that protects the ozone unit is to be exchanged when required (every 6-12 months).