Wood’s Vienna HSW100 is a high-quality, Swedish-made humidifier that will allow you to raise the humidity during the coldest season of the year when the indoor air is too dry. By keeping the right humidity level, you prevent a variety of problems such as dry and cracked skin, dry eyes or irritated mucous membranes. In addition, a humidifier protects against damages to textiles, wood, furniture, and musical instruments. Wood’s Vienna HSW100 is built in Sweden in galvanized steel. This will guarantee a long life of the product even in tough environments. Metal is also very hygienic and easy to clean.

How it works

Wood’s Vienna HSW100 is a device that produces invisible cold water vapour in order to increase the moisture level in the air (humidity).

The unit is equipped with a water level sensor to make sure you know when there is enough water for the unit to function. The dry air enters the unit around the side and the back of the humidifier. The dry air passes through the wet filter and moisture is spread in the room. Deposits such as minerals and other impurities will remain in the filter to avoid calcium and mineral deposits from getting into electronics or settling on surfaces. Pure and invisible vapor is released throughout the room with the help of a powerful but silent fan. The cold mist is easily spread in the air and does not fall back around the unit.

Wood’s Vienna humidifier has incredibly low energy consumption combined with a very low noise level. Vienna HSW100 can be left running 24/7 all year round and will still not consume more than 26kWh over the entire year. That is 4 times less than a low-energy light bulb being used the same way.

This is an ideal humidifier for musicians and collectors of fine instruments, (guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments) to protect their valuable investments.

When you register your Wood’s Humidifier Vienna HSW100 and replace the filters once a year, you receive as much as 6 years of warranty coverage. Make sure you keep all receipts, even for the filters.

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