Wood’s Vienna HSW100 is a high-quality, Swedish-made humidifier that will increase room humidity levels by adding water vapour to the air. Its large tank, energy efficiency, and low noise level make this evaporative humidifier ideal for many areas.


Vienna HSW100 at home in hotels
Since the pandemic, room humidifiers have gone from accommodation to a necessity in most hotels. Hotel guests benefit from having room humidifiers from a significant reduction in airborne illnesses, dry nasal passages, nasal congestion, and dry skin. Another benefit is for the hotel; Guests who are able to rest fully at their establishment are most likely to offer good reviews and become returning customers.

Wood’s Vienna HSW100 compliments hotel rooms with its quiet, long-lasting operation that room service personnel can refill with standard tap water once a day. The Vienna HSW100 also uses evaporative technology, so no mineral powder is released into the air, which is known to have adverse effects on asthma sufferers and electronics.


Homes with large, open areas and floor plans may have difficulty dealing with dry air in the colder, dryer months. Smaller humidifiers don’t have the reach to cover the size of the spaces needed. Also, multiple smaller humidifiers are costly and need to be refilled frequently.

The Vienna HSW100 from Wood’s is the solution for homeowners to control their indoor climate. With its 9.3 litre tank and one knob operation, the Vienna HSW100 is a true “set and forget” solution. Regaining adequate moisture in your indoor environment will help those indoors breathe, sleep, and relax easier. It also helps keep nasal passages and skin hydrated, aiding your health and well-being.

Musical Instrument Protection:

Wood’s Vienna HSW100 humidifier is a dedicated humidifier used to help rehydrate and protect acoustic/electric guitars and other wooden, stringed instruments in dry, indoor environments. At home, the Vienna HSW100 is quiet and reliable, giving musicians and collectors the perfect solution for protecting their investments.

Ideal for music shops and studios

Music shops and studios are susceptible to erratic humidity and temperature changes by having cold, dry air enter through entrance doors several times a day. These changes can drastically affect guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments, causing them to need service or, in worst-case scenarios, become permanently damaged.

The Vienna HSW100 is becoming a favourite in the music industry for its large tank volume, easy operation, and ability to add the right amount of moisture to the surrounding environment.


Due to age and materials, fine art, collectable and valuable items are susceptible to indoor climate conditions. Exposure to varying or excessive humidity levels can compromise the integrity or cause irrevocable damage to museum pieces. Different materials react variably to changes in humidity and temperature levels.

Dry air can cause artefacts to crack, chip, or warp due to moisture loss, causing irrevocable damage to any in a museum.

Wood’s Vienna HSW100 is a powerful humidifier proven to hydrate large open indoor areas. Its quiet operation helps make the unit discreet to not draw attention to it. You can easily set your desired humidity level with Vienna’s one-knob fan speed and an additional hygrometer. (Most museums recommend an indoor climate of 50% RH). One important feature of the Vienna HSW100 uses evaporative technology. Ultrasonic humidifiers can leave a residue of mineral powder on surfaces, possibly compromising artefacts. The evaporative humidification in the Vienna releases pure steam that’s been filtered through an antimicrobial filter.

Help preserve and protect your most significant investments with the Vienna HSW100 humidifier.


Statistics show that air quality affects the productivity of office personnel. From ventilation to indoor climate, office workers who feel uncomfortable are less likely to be productive. This drop in productivity can significantly affect business operations.

Keeping an office’s indoor humidity levels in the optimal range of 45-55% RH keeps people more comfortable and healthier. Viruses survive and spread more in low humidity conditions. Arid conditions also dry out nasal mucus, preventing pathogens from invading your body.

The Vienna HSW100 from Wood’s is a dedicated, evaporative humidifier that can cover a large, open office space. Its simple operation and wide coverage make it an ideal solution to a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment.

How it works

Wood’s Vienna HSW100 is a device that produces invisible cold water vapour to increase the moisture level in the air (humidity). The unit is equipped with a water level sensor to make sure you know when there is enough water for the unit to function. The dry air enters the unit around the side and the back of the humidifier. The dry air passes through the wet filter, and moisture is spread in the room. Deposits such as minerals and other impurities remain in its anti-microbial filter to prevent lime and other mineral deposits from getting into electronics or settling on surfaces. Pure vapour is released throughout the room with the help of a powerful but silent fan. The cold mist is easily spread in the air and does not fall back onto the unit.

As mentioned earlier, Wood’s Vienna humidifier has incredibly low energy consumption and noise levels. The Vienna HSW100 can be left running 24/7 all year round and will still not consume more than 26kWh over the entire year. That is four times less than a low-energy light bulb used the same way.


  • Made in Sweden
  • Sturdy (built of galvanized steel)
  • Efficient and quiet
  • Long service life
  • Anti-microbial filter
  • One knob operation
  • Large (9.3L) tank
  • Easy to clean

When you register your Wood’s Humidifier Vienna HSW100 and replace the filters once a year, you receive as much as 6 years of warranty coverage. Make sure you keep all receipts, even for the filters.

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