A wall-mounted, very efficient dehumidifier

Wood’s WPF52 is a wall-mounted dehumidifier designed specifically for larger spaces such as libraries, museums, offices, basements, or indoor pools. With its high capacity and quiet workflow, this dehumidifier is perfect for large spaces that require fast and efficient dehumidification without contributing to a noisy environment.

WPF52 is developed especially for large premises such as libraries, museums, and office premises. It is also built to especially dehumidify the demanding environments in pool rooms without rusting. In addition to dehumidification, you get an efficient heat pump and air purifier included in the purchase. WPF52 is the first wall-mounted dehumidifier from Wood's and by placing the dehumidifier on the wall you do not lose any valuable floor space. If you connect a hose to the dehumidifier, it will divert the water and dehumidify continuously, guaranteeing fast and reliable dehumidification without problems or maintenance.

WPF52 has a digital moisture meter, automatic defrost, and also has low power consumption.