A powerful dehumidifier for laundry and swimming pool rooms

This powerful dehumidifier is developed especially for indoor pool rooms and other larger areas such as libraries, museums, offices, cellars and laundry areas. With its high capacity and quiet operation, this dehumidifier is perfect for large areas that demand rapid and efficient dehumidification without a disruptive environment. The WPF100 has an incredibly high capacity and is able to extract almost 100 liters of water per day from the air!

The WPF100 is wall-mounted and by placing the unit on the wall you lose no valuable space in your swimming pool room, for example. Connect a hose to the unit for continuous drainage, this way you never have to unmount the dehumidifier, and you are ensured quick and reliable dehumidification without any problems or maintenance. This sturdy dehumidifier is built to handle demanding areas such as swimming pool rooms.

The WPF100 has a digital display of humidity, a digital defroster, and is also low on power consumption. It is also possible to add a pump to the dehumidifier to lift condensed water if your drainage is located above the dehumidifier.