A Desiccant Dehumidifier for Cold Basements and Crawl Spaces!

Wood’s WP-200AP is a dehumidifier for areas when you are not sure that the temperature is above 0°C. The WP-200AP is an adsorption dehumidifier, which means that it uses a different technique than a dehumidifier using a compressor. An adsorption dehumidifier is not depending on the ambient room temperature. This makes the WP-200AP ideal for cold environments, such as crawl spaces. The WP-200AP has a high capacity and will quickly lower the humidity, wherever you use it!

Wood’s WP-200AP is a robust and powerful dehumidifier with a Swedish-made adsorption wheel. It is built to handle demanding environments and is very reliable and sturdy. The WP-200AP is built to last with a high capacity, even when the temperature drops as low as -20°C!

The WP-200AP has an efficient air filter that will catch dust and other air particles and that will clean the air at the same time as it dehumidifies. The hose that connects to the unit can be extended up to 10 meters. The WP-200AP is easy to use and has an exact hygrostat that will provide precise air humidity. This is a powerful and convenient unit and the best choice for large and cold basements, and crawl spaces.