Professional Dehumidifier for large and open spaces – Made in Sweden

Developed and manufactured in Sweden, the WCD8HGH Pro is Wood’s most powerful dehumidifier. It is ideal for warehouses, production facilities, and industrial use. The I-EcoDefrost System (see on the side) allows broad working temperature from + 2°C up to + 35°C (and between 35°C and 40°C with intermittent function).

This intelligent defrosting system makes dehumidification faster and more energy-efficient. The WCD8HGH Pro has been designed to satisfy the demanding needs of professionals in dehumidification. All exposed parts are adapted for use in extreme environments.

Hot gas function

The hot gas valve allows the circuits to heat up to accelerate the defrosting time. This allows the units to work more efficiently at lower temperatures.

How it works:

The dehumidifier senses the room temperature and humidity and optimally operates the compressor system to enable the highest capacity for lower temperatures and humidity levels.


Advantages are the relative drying off the air if the temperature is raised. It is also slightly easier to draw water out of the air if the temperature is higher.