Stackable professional dehumidifier for large and open spaces!

WCD Pro serien – en robust proffsavfuktar serie för byggen, stora öppna ytor och lagerlokaler!

WCD4 Pro – a robust professional dehumidifier for buildings, large open spaces and storage rooms.

WCD4 is a powerful professional dehumidifier for warehouses and industries. The working temperature range has been broadened using a new intelligent defrost system, i-EcoDefrost, from + 2 ° C up to + 35 ° C. The design of WCD4 Pro is well proven and has high reliability. This makes it reliable and easy to maintain. All exposed parts are adapted for use in aggressive environments. WCD4 Pro is very energy efficient because it is based on the same principle as a heat pump. In the process of this professional dehumidifier, no unnecessary heat is lost as the same air circulates all the time. Therefore, the method is easy to control and very energy-efficient.

  • R-290 gas, environmentally friendly gas that now  is implemented in  WCD4 Pro dehumidifier
  • WCD4Pro can be supplemented with condensate drain pump system
  • Spark safe
  • Low voltage internally in the system.
  • Developed, designed and  manufactured in Sweden