SW45FB; a robust and very efficient dehumidifier - manufactured in Sweden

The W45FB is a powerful dehumidifier that can effectively dehumidify an entire basement! It offers optimal dehumidification capacity from +2°C to +35°C and features a new, intelligent defrosting system, called, "i-EcoDefrost"; developed and manufactured in Sweden, which provides faster and better defrosting and operation, allowing the machine to dehumidify faster, and more energy-efficient.

The SW42FM gives you an effective heat pump effect while simultaneously cleaning your indoor air. Included is a hose connection for direct drainage to a drain, but also features a spacious water tank of 11.4 liters. The SW45FB is equipped with robust wheels, making it easy to move.

Environmentally friendly

The SW42FM contains R290, an environmentally friendly refrigerant, significantly more energy-efficient than HFC gases!


When you register your Wood’s dehumidifier and replace the SMF filter once a year, you can receive as much as 6 years of warranty coverage. Make sure you keep all receipts, even for the filters, and register at warranty-woods.com.


The SW45FB is powerful enough to dehumidify a basement while drying your laundry quickly. It has user-friendly knobs that make it very easy to operate and is equipped with two fan speeds that enable extra power when the laundry is to be dried.

The SW45FB is a very powerful dehumidifier that is suitable for basements, drying rooms, summer cottages, and other spaces up to 190 m²!

Made in Sweden with the new intelligent defrosting system, "i-EcoDefrost".