A compact and easy-to-use dehumidifier for smaller areas!

Wood’s MRD10 compact design and low weight allow it to fit almost anywhere, making it ideal for small areas, laundry rooms, and living spaces! The MRD10 exhausts warm, dry air through its top that effectively blow-dries laundry, and with its practical handle, you can easily move the dehumidifier to where it’s most needed at the moment.

Dries your laundry and dehumidifies your bathroom or basement

The MRD10 dehumidifies the air even when the temperature drops to +5˚C. Due to its built-in thermostat, the machine will automatically shut off at +5˚C. When the temperature rises the machine will automatically restart – perfect for protecting your caravan against mold during winter storage! It will dry your laundry at the same time as it saves energy. The filter that cleanses the air is located along with the water bucket on the back of the dehumidifier.

Perfect for drying sports gear or children's clothes!

The MRD10 is an affordable and very easy-to-use dehumidifier. It is ideal to use in an apartment to dry damp towels, sports gear, or children's clothes. Wood’s MRD10 fits easily in small spaces and can be used in compact bathrooms, or to dry laundry in your home. It also creates a more comfortable environment in your home as mold, excess moisture, and odor are kept at a distance. The MRD10 has a spacious water container that can hold 2,7 liters. When the water bucket is full, the dehumidifier shuts off automatically.

If you need to dehumidify larger, more humid areas, we recommend our more powerful MRD14.