Powerful for drying room and bathrooms

Wood’s MDK21 is a powerful and compact dehumidifier that is made to dry laundry. Though the top of the unit, it exhausts warm, dry air, effectively blow-drying laundry. With the MDK21, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or defrosting; Merely set the desired humidity level and leave the unit to it. This is a smart and powerful dehumidifier, packed with benefits!

The MDK21 is made with an environmentally friendly cooling media called R-290. The use of R-290 is significantly more energy-efficient than HFC gases.

Wood’s MDK21 is easy to install and operate. It will quickly lower the ambient humidity and remove mildew and moisture. Wood’s MDK21 will run only when needed, making it an ideal choice for laundry, living spaces, basements, summer houses, caravans, or similar areas.