Intelligent Clothes Dryer/Drying Room Dehumidifier for Large Families

Efficient dehumidifier with higher capacity - for faster drying and dehumidification of larger areas

The LD44 is more than a dehumidifier - laundry becomes completely dried. The LD series is developed especially for laundry rooms, drying rooms, and basements. Developed to have smart and energy-efficient functionality, you get back a full 780W of heat for every liter of water vapor!

Smart applications and digital control

The LD44 has four smart operating modes that are set on a user-friendly digital display:

  • Laundry - Dries the laundry dry at max regardless of ambient humidity.
  • Easy - Dehumidifies automatically and economically to 50% relative humidity, with low fan speed.
  • Fan - When only air circulation is needed. The compressor only starts when the humidity is above the set value.
  • Normal - The dehumidifier switches off when you have reached the desired humidity level.

Superior drying and dehumidification in one

The LD44 effectively dehumidifies even large, complicated spaces while drying laundry quickly. Because of its energy-efficient blow-drying effect, the dehumidifier also counteracts the appearance of mold, odors, and mites.

Swedish quality with a 10-year guarantee