Multi-Purpose, Clothes Dryer/Dehumidifier With Maximum Capacity

A dehumidifier developed for quick drying of laundry

The LD24 is an efficient and easy-to-use, high-capacity drying room dehumidifier. It dries the laundry dry while dehumidifying an entire basement.

Easy control with manual knob

The LD24 is easy to use and is easily adjusted to the desired humidity with a manual knob. The desired level is easily selected by turning the knob, and the machine switches off automatically when the desired level is reached. If the humidity increases, the unit starts again.

Developed and manufactured in Sweden, the LD series has an exceptional dehumidifying capacity, from +2°C to +35°C. The LD features a new, intelligent defrosting system, i-EcoDefrost, providing faster and better defrosting and function; allowing it to dehumidify faster, and more energy-efficient.

For every liter of water vapor, you get back 780W in pure heat energy!

Swedish quality with a 10-year guarantee.