ED50FB - energy-efficient dehumidifier - dries laundry and basements faster than any other model - a test winner!

ED50FB is a development from Wood's test winner, ED50! Now even better and also equipped with an energy-efficient rotary compressor. It is specially developed to dehumidify large areas and emits more heat than it draws electricity!

Use the ED50FB in your large basement and you will quickly get rid of your moisture problems while the machine dries the laundry and gives you a significant heat pump effect. ED50FB has a new intelligent defrosting system, i-EcoDefrost, developed and manufactured in Sweden, which provides faster and better defrosting and function, with more energy efficiency. The ED50FB has optimal dehumidifying capacity from +2°C. and up to +35°C. Wood's ED50FB effectively keeps large areas dry and is optimal for basements, drying rooms, or shared laundry rooms. It is equipped with wheels and handles, which makes it easy to move.

The ED50FB contains an environmentally friendly refrigerant called R-290, which is significantly more energy-efficient than HFC gases!

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