DSC95P – Versatile Crawl Space and Whole House Dehumidifier

When the term “home improvement” comes to mind, many think of remodeling or repairing, but adding preventative solutions may be the best investment for protecting and improving conditions in homes and buildings.

In humid climate conditions, fungal and microbial levels thrive and multiply. Because of this, one of the most overlooked areas for humidity in homes is crawl spaces. Approximately half of all homes inspected with crawl spaces are estimated to have some form of moisture or mould damage detected in their crawl space.

By installing the correct type of dehumidifier in a crawl space, you can achieve a safe and long-term solution that solves ongoing moisture problems and prevents future damage to the home.

The DSC95P is our new, free-standing, multi-purpose dehumidifier; engineered to eliminate excessive moisture for multiple applications, making it an adaptable solution for crawl spaces, large basements, and the whole house.

Essential crawlspace dehumidification

As a long-term investment, you can expect The DSC95P to work optimally over time, allowing your crawl space to maintain a healthy condition all year round with good energy consumption for the household.

Climate control solution for large basements

Multi-family apartment housing, college dormitories, resorts, and luxury condos have large basements with tenant/resident storage areas. These areas are susceptible to higher humidity levels and moisture damage to valuables and equipment. The DSC95P can exhaust its dry air into a large open space or through a duct into specific regions in the building.

Whole-home dehumidifier

Along with humid air entering homes, other activities such as breathing, cooking, and showering increase indoor humidity levels. The DCS95P is the perfect complement to an ERV system to regulate an ideal and healthy humidity level throughout the whole house.

Expanded functionality

The DCS95P’s work capacity and ducting options expand its potential applications making this one of Wood’s most multi-purposed dehumidifiers. Large basements, wine cellars, garages, storage areas, and attics can benefit by reliably controlling humidity levels.

Benefits in warmer climates

Utilising the DSC95P in the whole house during the summer or warmer months means you don’t need to run your AC on high to lower temperatures because it will be dryer inside, making it more comfortable. It also becomes a more energy and price-efficient solution.

Ease of installation

The DSC95P is a self-sustaining dehumidifier that requires little maintenance to continually run throughout the year! Depending on the demands of the home or building, the DSC95P can be installed as a stand-alone unit, without any prior experience, or as part of a larger system for divided spaces (ERV/HRV/HVAC), by a professional installer.

Remote control and monitoring

In DSC95P are an intuitive, wired, remote-control panel for simple, secure, and convenient use. The remote's cable can be sent through a trough to the desired location, adding the ability to monitor and control moisture levels from another area. If the wire supplied with the unit is not long enough, it can easily be replaced by an RJ11/RJ12 modular cable (up to 10 m) with male connectors at both ends.

The DSC95P is ideal for:

  • Multi-family apartment landlords
  • Property managers / HOAs (homeowner’s association)
  • Private (single-family) homeowners
  • Installation and ventilation services
  • Foundation repair services
  • Building inspectors
  • Restoration companies
  • Storage facilities


Supplied drainage hose
Powerful pump
Ducting options for air distribution to multiple locations
Unmatched quality and durability
Cabled remote operation for added control and security.
Auto Restart (in the event of a power failure, to previous settings)
Quiet operation
Energy efficient
Manufactured in Sweden
6-year limited warranty