The DSC50FM is a powerful dehumidifier designed to dehumidify your
crawl space!

The DSC50FM dehumidifier, developed and manufactured in Sweden, has an extended dehumidification capacity from +2°C to +35°C and features a new, intelligent, defrosting system, i-EcoDefrost, providing faster and better defrosting and function. These features make the machine even more efficient, dehumidify faster, and provide more energy efficiency. The DSC50FM also gives you an effective heat pump effect while cleaning the air.

The DSC50FM includes a hose connection for direct drainage to a drain and is fitted with fixed legs and handles.

When you register your Wood’s dehumidifier and replace the SMF-filter once a year, you receive as much as 6 years warranty. Simply register your product at and make sure to keep all receipts, including the filters.

DSC50FM crawl space dehumidifier installation tips

Seal the vents so that they do not release unnecessarily high humidity.

Position the dehumidifier as centrally as possible.

Create an exterior area for drainage.

Complement with a crawl space hygrometer to monitor the humidity level from the living area of the house.