Extra power for your laundry and basement!

The Wood’s DS40FS will dry your laundry quickly, while dehumidifying your basement. The DS40FS dehumidifier has a powerful compressor and airflow, resulting in very high capacity, makes it ideal for laundry, or for larger basements and similar areas.

Dry laundry quickly, efficiently, and without wear!

DS40FS is a powerful and energy-efficient dehumidifier, developed especially to dry laundry. The thin air exhaust on the top of the unit blow-dries the laundry, essentially shortening the drying time. In addition, the DS40FS will also keep your house free from dampness and mildew.

Wood’s DS40FS has a spacious water bucket of 5,6 litres, a hose connection for direct water drainage, and a step-less humidistat. When your set humidity level is reached, the dehumidifier will automatically shut off.