First-class filtering!

Wood's Active ION HEPA filter is the secret behind Wood's air purifier's high purification capacity, low power consumption, and low noise level. Wood's Active ION HEPA filters are made with a special synthetic media where the fibers are weakly electrically charged, which captures the air particles very efficiently.

Wood’s Active ION HEPA filter removes 99.98% of all harmful particles in your indoor environment. We inhale large amounts of harmful particles daily in our homes or at our workplaces. Wood's Active ION HEPA filter removes pollen, dust, exhaust fumes, bacteria, radioactive radon daughters, and mold spores from the air and provides an immediate improved indoor environment. Active ION HEPA filter filters out particles down to size 0.0003 mm. It is 50 times smaller than a bacterium.

Active ION HEPA filter for AD20 and AD30 Hybrid.

Article number: 8012810