Increase the capacity of your dehumidifier with Wood's WDP-01 pump kit.

Get rid of the condensate from your dehumidifier effectively without having to empty a water tank. The WDP-01 is suitable in cases where the dehumidifier is located in a hard-to-reach space such as a house foundation.

You have the option of connecting the pump directly to a drain with a water hose without having to worry about a free fall between the dehumidifier and the drain. This makes it ideal for longer-lasting and maintenance-free solutions.

Once the condensate pump has been properly connected to the dehumidifier and dehumidification has started, the pump collection tank is slowly filled with water. When a certain water level has been reached, the pump starts automatically and directs the water through the hose to the drain. The pump switches on and off automatically.

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How can you get rid of the condensate from your dehumidifier without having to empty the water tank?

One possibility is to use WDP-01, a pump kit that is placed in the space for the dehumidifier's water tank. A hose runs from the pump, out of the dehumidifier, to a place where you can drain the water. Simple, efficient, and convenient.

The pump must always be in a horizontal position when it is connected to an electrical outlet. The WDP-01 can pump up to 10m horizontal and vertical.