Ozone generators

Ozone treatment, allows you to remove odors and eliminate contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses, and mold infestations. Air purification with Ozone is a gentle process without chemicals. Clean with ozone and ventilate afterward to get a deep clean of your indoor environment.

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  • PRO

    Wood’s Airmaster WOZ500

    Suited for: Basement, Boat, Car reconditioning, Crawl space, Garbage room, Grease separator, Hotel room, Hygienic areas, Laundry/Drying areas, Pro

    Odour elimination for hotel rooms, vehicles, boats, and refuse rooms. Exhaust air treatment in grease separators and refuse containers, as well as water treatment.

    • Ozone production: 500mg / hour
    • Digital control with timer functions
    • Hose coupling