Ozone generators

Wood’s ozone generators are engineered to effectively eliminate odours resulting from garbage, smoke, decomposition, commercial cooking fumes, and other other sources of unpleasant odours. They are not intended to function as air purifiers, as they do not capture physical air particles.Our Airmaster series ozone generators are exclusively designed for professional applications and should be operated solely by trained professionals proficient in handling ozone. Exposure to ozone poses potential health hazards to humans and animals, and improper usage may damage electronics, plastics, silicones, artwork, and other materials. It is imperative to adhere to professional guidelines and safety protocols when operating these units. For mould odours and remediation, we recommend exploring our range of dehumidifiers.
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  • PRO

    Wood’s Airmaster WOZ500

    Suited for: Basement, Boat, Car reconditioning, Crawl space, Garbage room, Grease separator, Hotel room, Hygienic areas, Pro

    Odour elimination, suited for a wide variety of applications: Rubbish rooms, bottle recycling areas, cars, boats, homes, storage rooms, and hotel rooms.

    • • Ozone production: 500 mg/hour
    • • Digital control with timer functions for automation, control, and increased emphasis on safety features
    • Hose coupling