A humidifier can significantly improve your indoor environment by adding moisture to dry, indoor air. During the coldest months of the year when the air is dry, a humidifier can raise the humidity indoors, to avoid a number of different problems such as dry and cracked skin, dry eyes, and irritated mucous membranes, making breathing and sleeping easier. In addition, a humidifier protects against damage and cracks in textiles, furnishings, furniture, and musical instruments. Wood’s manufactures its humidifiers in Sweden, and are ideal for all areas of living spaces; in the home, apartment, office, or studio.
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  • Wood’s WHU400

    Suited for: Bedroom, Office

    Wood’s WHU400 is a flexible and compact humidifier, perfect for the bedroom, office, or children’s room.

    • Small and flexible
    • Night mode
    • Stepless hygrostat
  • Wood’s WHU600

    Suited for: Bedroom, Office

    Wood’s WHU600 provides "Hybrid" humidification (cold mist and hot steam) offering you a healthier and more comfortable indoor climate.

    • Energy efficient
    • Quiet
    • Hybrid humidification (cool mist and hot steam)