A humidifier can significantly improve your indoor environment by adding moisture to dry, indoor air. During the coldest months of the year when the air is dry, a humidifier can raise the humidity indoors, to avoid a number of different problems such as dry and cracked skin, dry eyes, and irritated mucous membranes, making breathing and sleeping easier. In addition, a humidifier protects against damage and cracks in textiles, furnishings, furniture, and musical instruments. Wood’s manufactures its humidifiers in Sweden, and are ideal for all areas of living spaces; in the home, apartment, office, or studio.
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  • PRO

    Wood’s Vienna HSW100 Humidifier

    Wood’s Vienna HSW100 humidifier helps relieve discomfort from dry air, promotes health, and helps protect valuable items. Its features provide incredibly low energy consumption combined with a very low noise level.

    • Made in Sweden
    • Efficient and quiet
    • Long service life

    Suited for:

    Bedroom|Pro|Public environment
  • Wood’s WHU400

    Wood’s WHU400 is a flexible and compact humidifier, perfect for the bedroom, office, or children’s room.

    • Small and flexible
    • Night mode
    • Stepless hygrostat

    Suited for:

  • Wood’s WHU600

    Wood’s WHU600 provides "Hybrid" humidification (cold mist and hot steam) offering you a healthier and more comfortable indoor climate.

    • Energy efficient
    • Quiet
    • Hybrid humidification (cool mist and hot steam)

    Suited for:

  • Wood’s 8HSW100F filter

    8HSW100F is an environmentally friendly antibacterial/antimicrobial treated filter.  

    • 2 pack
  • Universal filter for WHU400 and WHU600

    Descaling filter to reduce lime from the water.

    • 4 in a packet