Venezia 18K Duo – A powerful portable air conditioner that cools and heats

Cools or heaten rooms up to 52 m2.

Wood's AC Venezia 18K Duo is a powerful and efficient portable AC optimized to cope with slightly larger spaces. It is equipped with a heat pump and is just as good at cooling as it is at heating. Wood's AC Venezia 18K Duo has a cooling capacity of 5,2 kW (18 000 BTU), which makes it efficient in rooms up to 52 m2. With an airflow of 680 m3/h, the space is cooled quickly so that you can enjoy the perfect indoor temperature all year round. Heating capacity of 4,7 kW ( the  With a simple digital touch panel, the AC Venezia 18K Duo is easy to use, move, and store. With Wood's Venezia 18K Duo, you have the option of both cooling and heating in your home.

Advantages of the AC Venezia 18K Duo

  • Powerful solution for heating or cooling of spaces up to 52 m2.
  • Impressive heating effect: A full 3000W with only 1000W energy consumption!
  • Low energy consumption: Just 2.1 kWh/hour in normal use.
  •  A portable device that provides flexibility to use it in multiple locations in the home or workplace.
  •  Best suited for slightly larger surfaces and can cool and heat larger spaces.
  • Easy to use with a digital touch panel.
  • Possibility to direct the airflow with controls for the exhaust.

Low noise level, easy to move, and includes a window kit
Despite the high cooling capacity, the noise level is from a low 56 dB, so you are disturbed as little as possible. The wheels make it easy to move where you need the cold the most, and with the remote control, you can stay on the sofa or bed to control the temperature. It comes with a window kit that makes it easy to lead the warm moist air out via a window, lowering the room's relative humidity and creating a pleasant indoor climate.

Energy-efficient cooling
Wood's AC Venezia 18K Duo has energy class A. The environmentally friendly refrigerant R290 in the cooling coils is the most energy efficient on the market, offering you much more cooling power for little energy consumption as possible.


Energy class A
Test winner several times
Sound level from 56 dB

Included in the package:

Wood's AC Venezia 18K Duo
Remote control
Window kit
User manual
AC Venezia 18K Duo article number: WAC1803G