AC Palermo 22K - portable air conditioner for large spaces

The AC Palermo 22k is the most powerful portable AC on the market. With 22,000 BTU, it quickly and efficiently lowers the indoor temperature in larger spaces. AC Palermo's 22,000 BTU is perfect for cooling rooms up to 64m2. It features a user-friendly, digital touch panel and easy mobility to move where it is needed at the moment. A window kit is also included to allow the warm air to be easily led out through a window, so you do not have to drill holes your the wall.

With a wide temperature range, it is easy to find the perfect temperature for large open floor plans in your home or office. The Palermo 22K can also be run at two different fan speeds, which means that you can easily adapt the cooling to your needs.

AC Palermos, extra large condenser and evaporator system are very suitable for environments that have extra high demand for long running conditions and cooling capacity, as examples, server rooms and other areas that are normally very warm.