AC Milan - Compact, efficient and flexible portable cooler

The AC Milan 9K WiFi Smart Home is a portable and compact air conditioner with a digital touch panel, capable of quickly and efficiently lowering the temperature in your home or workplace. It is easy to install and use, and with the included window sealing kit, you can avoid making ugly holes in your wall, as the warm air is easily led out through a window. Keep a comfortable temperature in your bedroom, summer cottage, or office all year round with this flexible AC.

The broad operating temperature range for AC Milan 9K WiFi Smart Home is between 17 - 35°C. With this range, it is easy to find the perfect temperature for your particular home or small office. The Milan 9000 BTU can also be run at two different fan speeds, which means that you can easily adapt the cooling to your needs.

Despite the small format and simple design, it has enhanced capacity and can cool up to a 26 m² area. Includes an air hose and window kit.