Extend your warranty with SMF Filter change!

Wood's unique anti-mold filter, the SMF filter, comes with all Wood's dehumidifiers that have an F in the model number, as well as our LD series of dehumidifiers. The SMF filter cleans the air of pollen, mold spores, dust, and other harmful particles that are released when damp spaces are dried out. The SMF filter gives you an even better indoor climate as you not only lower the humidity but also purify the air!

In addition, the SMF filter protects the dehumidifier from dust and dirt, which extends its service life. Dust is the main cause of dehumidifiers and other household appliances breaking down, which can lead to costly repairs. Therefore, Wood's can provide as much as a 6-year warranty on your dehumidifier, provided that you replace the SMF filter at least once a year.

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Do you want to equip an older dehumidifier with an SMF filter?

Dehumidifiers sold before 2012 are not equipped with the SMF filter. However, you can also install an SMF filter on older models to clean the air and protect the dehumidifier from dust and dirt. Note, however, that you cannot take advantage of the extended warranty if you equip an older dehumidifier with an SMF filter.

When you want to use the SMF filter on an older dehumidifier, you also need to buy the metal frame in which the filter is mounted. Please see the table below for more information.

Article number SMF-Filter DS40FS

Replacement filter DS40FS Art nr: 8012807
Replacement filter DS40FS 5-Pack Art nr: 8012807-5