Wood's Airmaster ozone meter measures ground-level, natural ozone, or ozone produced by technical means. Even at low concentrations, ozone can pose a high-risk potential in the ambient air. Observing unobtrusive ozone levels is not only important for the protection of health but in many countries is clearly legally regulated and prescribed.

With Wood's Airmaster's ozone meter, you have an optimal instrument for a quick and accurate control or for long-term measurement of the ozone concentration in the ambient air.

The Airmaster is characterized by a very low cross-sensitivity to other gases or VOCs and displays fast measurement results with high precision, even at the lowest ozone concentration.

In addition, this device is a compact, portable environmental meter in which the air temperature and humidity can also be measured, or the dew point and wet ball temperature can be calculated. The meter has a dual display that always shows two measured values ​​at the same time.