Wood’s makes several compact and flexible air conditioners that quickly and efficiently lower the indoor temperature.

Most of the Wood’s air conditioners are portable, which means they do not require any fixed installation. This means that you can easily pick up your AC during the hottest periods of the year and do not need it when you do not need it. The warm air emitted from the air conditioner is smoothly led out through a window or door with the supplied exhaust hose. Wood’s has air conditioners for most needs, choose the model below that best suits your needs.

Air conditioner

Questions and answers about air conditioning

Technical changes and improvements may occur. All values are approximate and may vary depending on external conditions such as temperature, ventilation and humidity.

Answer: No, when extending the hose, you lose cooling effect and the machine can turn off.

Answer: The internal tank is emptied through the drain plug. (The internal tank cannot be taken out.)

Answer: Screw off the plug at the bottom.

Answer: By turning on the machine in the morning when it is the coolest, as well as pulling down blinds and closing the doors to the space that needs to be cooled.

Answer: Yes, if the hose reaches.

Answer: Over a well or the like.

Answer: Everything depends on the humidity in the room, usually a låt of the moisture is blown out with the exhaust air.

Answer: Heat pump or oven

Answer: The sound level is comparable to a higher conversation tone.

Svar: Wood’s air conditioning is equipped with environmentally friendly refrigerant R290.