Everything but pollutions

  1. Reduced air pollution with the highest level of filtration
  2. Reduced noise pollution with quiet operations
  3. Reduced visual pollution with no unnecessary screens or lights
  4. Reduced carbon footprint with lowest consumptions in the industry

Air purifiers

Wood’s designs, develops and manufactures all air purifiers in our own factory in Alingsås, Sweden. Wood’s air purifiers are distinguished by their incredibly low energy consumption, combined with low noise levels and exceptional cleaning capacity.

Wood’s air purifiers remove harmful particles from the indoor air, providing you with a healthier environment, without leaving any traces on you electrical bill.

Eco-friendly air purifiers

  1. Made locally in Sweden
  2. Local parts suppliers
  3. Small delivery chain within Europe
  4. Long product lifetime (warranty extensions)
  5. Very low electricity consumption
  6. Recyclable materials at the end of the product life
  7. Recyclable cardboard frame on filters