Wood’s Air Conditioner Capri Silent 9K

NEW! Wood’s Capri Silent 9K  is a compact and powerful air conditioner that quickly and efficiently will lower the temperature in your home or work place, providing a comfortable climate all year around.

The Capri Silent 9 K  has a digital touch control panel that makes it very easy to use. It is easy to move to where it is needed at the moment, and with the included window kit you avoid drilling holes in your wall. The hot air is easily exhausted out through the window.

  • R290 environmentally friendly cooling media
  • High capacity
  • Quiet
  • With new technology and HFC-free coolant, we are already meeting the EU’s environmental directives.


  • Fits rooms up to 26 m2
  • Very easy to use
  • R290
  • including window kit
  • Compact and energy effective
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    Measurements: 330x280x690mm

    Weight: 28 Kg

    Cooling media: R290

    Length of air hose: 1,5 meter

    EAN: 7332857501151

    Teknisk specifikation Capri Silent 9K

    Suitable for room up to 26 m2
    Cooling capacity 2,6kW (9000 BTU)
    Power consumption 1000 W
    Dehumidification 24 liter/dygn
    Sound level Max 65 dB
    Air flow 330 m3 /h


    "I bought a Wood's dehumidifier years ago, which is still working perfectly!"