Wood’s MRD20 Silent replaced by MRD25

Replaced by MRD25

A powerful and energy efficient all-round dehumidifier!

Wood’s MRD20 Silent is a powerful, all-round dehumidifier that fits most environments. The MRD20 Silent is easy to move to where it’s most needed at the moment and it exhausts warm, dry air on its top that blow-dries the laundry. With MRD20 Silent, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or defrosting – merely set desired humidity level and leave the unit to it. This is a smart and powerful dehumidifier, packed with benefits!

  • Up to 100 sqm
  • Perfect for basements and laundry
  • Humidity controlled
  • Laundry mode for quicker drying
  • Automatic defrost after power failure
  • Air exhaust on top blow-dries laundry
  • Automatic shut off at +5°C prevents icing
  • Automatic defrost
  • Spacious water bucket and hose connection
  • The display indicates current humidity
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    The all new MRD20 Silent is a compact and powerful dehumidifier that will remove up to 20 litres of moisture per day. The MRD20 Silent has several features and is very easy to use. It has great capacity, even when the temperature drops to +5˚C. Due to its built in thermostat, the machine will automatically shut off at +5˚C. When the temperature rises the machine automatically restarts. This creates and efficient protection against mould, which can’t grow at temperatures lower than +7˚C.

    Wood’s MRD20 Silent proves that efficient and intelligent dehumidifying doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Wood’s MRD20 Silent is an convenient and powerful dehumidifier with several great functions and features.


    Maximum area 120 m²
    Recommended area 2-80 m²
    Air flow 176 - 194 m³/h
    Capacity (at 20ºC & 70% RH) 14 litres / day
    Capacity (at 35ºC & 80% RH) 25 litres / day
    Power (at 20ºC & 70% RH) 285 W
    Max power (vid 35ºC & 80% RF) 400 W
    Working interval temperature +5°C to +35ºC
    Fan speeds 3 (low, high, laundry mode)
    Water tank volume 4,2 litres
    Hose connection Yes (hose included)
    Air filter Washable
    Dimensions 593x356x240 mm
    Weight 48 dB
    Sound level 12,5 kg
    Refrigerant, freon free R134A (165 g)
    IP-rating IP22 (X2)


    "I bought a Wood's dehumidifier years ago, which is still working perfectly!"