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    Ozone generators for water treatment

    Wood’s Airmaster ozone generators for efficient water treatment.

    As an environmentally friendly method of water purification, ozone kills bacteria, microorganisms, and other impurities in water, making the water clean and clear in a straightforward procedure. Water treatment with ozone helps to reduce the use of chlorine and other chemicals.

    How to use the Wood’s Airmaster with
    ozone tubes, when connected to a circulation system of a pool

    • The ozone unit is mounted to a wall simply by means of a so-called, “keyhole solution”.
    • The hose fitting is connected to the ozone generator’s outlet.
    • An (ozone-resistant) silicon hose connects the ozone unit to a venturi-injector.
      The venturi-injector is connected to the return duct of the pool by means of a so-called “bypass”, which should be fitted with an expansion valve for regulating the ozone diffusion.


    3-8,000     litres =   500mg/ozone
    8-20,000   litres = 1000mg/ozone
    20-30,000 litres= 2000mg/ozone
    40-60,000 litres = 4000mg/ozone
    The maximum water volume is calculated for a 24-hour running of water circulation.

    Water circulation/pump capacity:
    The entire water volume of the pool should be circulated within 2 hours.

    • Water purification using ozone exclusively (no chlorine). The pH value should be more than 8.2.
    • Flocculants should be added monthly. Use ozone-compatible flocculants.
    • When treating indoor pools with ozone, ensure that no ozone residue remains in the air after treatment.

    Purifying stagnant water, no circulation (e.g. water tanks)

    • The silicon hose connects the ozone generator with a diffuser.
    • The diffuser is placed in the water. The ozone rises up and is diffused finely for effective ozone purification.

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