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    Wood´s Airmaster ozone generators with ceramic plate for efficient elimination of unwanted odours

    Wood´s Airmaster with ceramic plate are portable odour decontamination units for professional use. Wood´s Airmaster with ceramic plates, a simple but efficient technology for odour elimination. The product is used for eliminating odours in restaurants, kitchens, garbage rooms and sanitary facilities, as well as for odour removal in vehicles, hotel rooms and residential spaces. The ozone generators are available in different sizes. The largest models are conceived especially for industrial use and for disaster recovery after fire and water damage.

    How the Wood´s Airmaster ozone unit works

    Ozone is a special form of oxygen, so-called active oxygen, and is produced in an ozone generator through electric discharge. Ozone works by oxidising organic substances and fumes. This effectively eliminates odours, bacteria and viruses. In most cases the end products are only carbon dioxide and water.

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    Please use a ozone generator with care.
    Do not enter the room during the ozone treatment, as ozone can irritate the respiratory system.
    Brief ozone exposure (for example in refuse rooms etc.) is not harmful.

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